April 14, 2011

Beautifully Hand Painted JPL Jardiniere Limoges

This is a museum quality Huge Jardiniere Limoges, hand painted with
gold painted Elephand Head handled "JPL" limoges from France.
Approximate size: W13.5", H7.5"

It has hand painted three huge roses in front and one big rose and
two smaller roses at the back. The hand painting on this Jardiniere
is so beautiful. Pics on this website don't do any justice.

On the neck of the Jardiniere, it has gold decorated trim as an accent.

The Elephant Head handleds are decorated in real gold.
Circa: 1849~1904.

Below is Roses-Gold-Elephand Head Handle Jardiniere with matching Powder Case.
The Powder Case is also hand painted with roses with real gold trims and accents.
Powder Case Dimension: H3", W6.5"

The Jardiniere has a "JPL" France marking under glazed.

JPL France Mark - (Porcelain, France) The JPL France Mark is from the Jean Pouyat Porcelain Factory. Jean Pouyat came from a Family that had been involved in one way or another in the Porcelain business since the 1760’s. He started his factory in 1842. 

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JPL Limoges:
Francois Pouyat (1754-1838) owned several clay deposits and clay works in Haute-Vienne, the region of which Limoges is the capital. He became a partner in Manufacture de la Courtille, at the Locre factory in Paris, in 1800. After he succeeded Laurentius Russinger in 1808, Pouyat's sons, Jean-Baptiste (1776-1849) and Leonard (d 1845), along with Jean Pouyat-Duvignaud (d 1849) joined him.
In 1816, the two Pouyat brothers formed a partnership with the owner of a factory in Fours to produce porcelain for decoration in Paris. They bought the factory in 1820. It was directed by Leonard Pouyat until his death 1845 and continued in production until 1865.
The Locre works (in Paris) was sold 1823, but Jean-Baptiste Pouyat remained in Paris as head of sales.
Francois Pouyat also opened a small factory in Limoges in 1832, and in 1835 he bought a clayworks and porcelain workshop established in Saint-Leonard, near Limoges, in the 1820s. Jean-Baptiste enlarged the Limoges factory about 1844, when it employed 127 workers. This factory made porcelain of exceptional whiteness and even texture; the porcelain was either left white or enameled and gilded. P. Comolera, a modeller, provided designs for over 20 years.
Jean Baptiste Pouyat was succeeded by his sons Emile (1806-92), Louis (b 1809) and Leonard-Eugene (1817-76). Emil trained at Locre factory (Paris) and was head of the Limoges factory from 1849 to 1883. W. Guerin bought the Pouyat Limoges factory in 1911.
In 1883 Emil and Leonard formed La Ceramique S. A. in partnership with Baron de la Bastide and his brothers Leon and Alfred Lemaigre-Dubreuil, both of whom were sons-in-law of Leonard Pouyat.
The Saint-Leonard clayworks and porcelain workshop were sold in 1904 to Leon Pommier, whose widow sold them to La Society la Porcelainerie de la Haute-Vienne (c1920).

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  1. What an outstanding piece. Very beautiful.

  2. Hi Lily,
    Thanks for your comment. I have several other JPL limoges and antique potteries as well. Let me know if you are interested.